Fantastic shot from space with a cartographic interpretation. This satellite image is spectacular. It was sent from someone at NASA.  There was probably some enhancement done on it, in addition to probably being a composite. Nonetheless, what an image!

      This photo was taken via satellite, on a cloudless day.  Note how the lights are already on in Holland, Paris, and  Barcelona, and how it's still daylight in London, Lisbon, and Madrid. The sun is still shining on the Straight of Gibraltar, and the Mediterranean Ocean is already in darkness. In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean you can see the Azores Islands; below them to the right, the Madeira Islands; a bit below them  the Canary Islands; further south, close to the furthest westernpoint of Africa, the Cape Verde Islands.

      Note how the Sahara is huge and can be seen clearly both during daytime and nighttime. To the left, on top, is Greenland, totally frozen.