Choose Your Super Hero's Powers

Adhesive -- the ability to stick to ceilings and walls

Agility -- Is able to move body in superhuman ways

Amphibious -- can breathe in and out of water

Animal control -- has the power to control animals

Bullet-proof --bullets can't penetrate

Can sense when danger is near

Can see in the dark

Computer genius -- mind can control machines

Computer mind -- has encyclopedic knowledge

Earthquake generation -- can cause earthquakes

Elasticity -- can stretch and shrink to any length

Electricity -- can make and control electricity

Electromagnetism -- can become magnetic

Empathy -- experiences the feelings of others

Energy absorption -- can recharge energy in unique ways

Escape artist -- has Houdini-like ability to escape from anywhere

Explodes -- can explode and then recover shape

Extra arms and legs

Extra-dimensional travel -- can change from 3-D to 2-D or 1-D for fast travel

Popularity -- Is beloved and respected by acquaintances

Fire -- can instantly make and control fire

Flight -- can fly

Force field -- can create a force field to repel danger

Glows in the dark

Growth -- grows in unusual ways

Gravity control

Holds breath for long periods

Hypnosis -- can hypnotize with a look

Ice -- can turn objects to ice

Image projection --can project pictures that look real


Immortality -- can't be killed

Insect control

Instant understanding of all languages

Intuition -- can sense trouble


Machine control

Magic spell casting

Martial arts mastery

Microscopic vision

Mind control

Perfect pitch

Photographic memory

Plant control

Poison can't hurt

Reinforced skeleton

Sixth or seventh sense -- can sense something other than the five senses

Space travel -- can travel in space without space ship or suit

Shape-shifting -- can change shape

Speed reading -- can read in a blink

Super loud voice

Super senses -- sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch

Super speed

Super strength

Super coordination

Super-human throwing accuracy

Telepathy -- can transfer thoughts from mind to mind

Teleportation -- can move objects with mind

Telescopic vision -- can see objects in far distant

Time travel -- can travel back or forward in time

Water control -- can control water

Weather control -- can control the weather

Weather prediction or control

X-ray vision