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by Kathleen Karr

Yee Ha!  Git along, little turkeys!  The Sante Fe Trail will never be the same again after these bird-brains led by Simon Green scratch their way west from Missouri to Colorado in 1860 and prove that there is more than one kind of intelligence!  A delightful tale of creativity, cooperation, character, and resilience that will motivate readers to fall in love with history and playful historical fiction.

The Santa Fe Trail
The Historic Santa Fe Trail

Santa Fe Trail Research

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Activities in the Kids Wings Literature Guide for THE GREAT TURKEY WALK include:
using graphic organizers to analyze characters,
understanding nonsequitirs,
vocabulary study,
journal reflections,
main idea chapter titles and summaries,
converting text to cartoons with text bubbles,
writing conversation,
from story dialogue to readers theater,
crossword puzzle,
comprehension activities,
math in keeping books for Simon,
mapping the turkey trek,
research report,
big business math,
Math Logic puzzle,
writing prompts and




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