American Schools Salute Our Veterans!

Lockhart High School Remembers

Those Who Guard the Tomb of the Unknowns

Veterans Day Speech by Brian Schul
Students make an American Flag!
Clear Fork Elementary School

The Meaning of Patriotism, A Speech by a Vet

Patriotic Art Projects

Plum Creek Elementary
At Plum Creek, we planted a tree in honor of those who served, fought, and died for our freedom.

Men on active duty 
Explain why they choose to fight for  freedom.
Door decorations celebrate our patriotism!
Classes at Clear Fork Elementary
decorate their doors
with patriotic messages!
Mrs. Buehring's classroom door
Growing patriotic kids =
growing a strong nation!
Proud to be Americans at Clear Fork!
Teachers Celebrate

Plum Creek Kids raise the flag 
and then sing
America the Beautiful, 
adding meaningful
sign language!
Proud to be Americans at Plum Creek!
Principal and Teacher 
Sport the Red-White-and-Blue!
Three generations honor our veterans
Vets are honored on Veteran' Day
Patriotic Principal
Patriotic Principal 
of Clear Fork Elementary School
Program Leader
Vets watch flag raising ceremony at Clear Fork Elementary School.
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